Cynthia was interactive, shared real life scenarios and offered very practical advice. Participants left with concrete action steps to implement. The parent feedback that the school received was extremely positive. I highly recommend Cynthia!

Shannon LeCompte, Mercy High School Dean of Students

Cynthia Klein’s down-to-earth, humorous approach to parent education really resonated with our audience of elementary-school parents. The strategies she shared, along with anecdotes from her own life, gave parents a sound plan for connecting with their kids.

April Durrett, Cherry Chase PTA President

Cynthia’s presentation to the pediatricians on How to Avoid Power Struggles and Gain Cooperation with Strong-Willed Children was great! It was educational, fun, interactive, and understandable. It is easy to see that Cynthia loves teaching and helping families become happy.

Kathy McGarey – Supervisor for Sutter Health Continuing Medical Education Credits

Cynthia’s parent education workshops have been a great benefit to our staff, students and community. Her topics are timely and relevant and the response on campus has been huge. Workshop participants always appreciate Cynthia’s clear, direct and sympathetic style of presenting. She understands parenting issues on a personal and professional level and cares greatly about helping parents change. Her philosophy of building peace within the home has been a refreshing approach to parent coaching.

Susannah Halliburton
Assistant Director
WorkLife Office
Stanford University

Cynthia Klein is one of our go-to Parent Educators at Northside Branch Library. Cynthia has expertise in a variety of areas including mother-daughter bonding and kid/tween communication. She is a crowd favorite with our customers and we look forward to having her for future programs!

Cheryl Lee | Program Coordinator-Branch Manager

Speaking Engagement Topics


  • How do I keep communication open with my middle-school aged daughter?
  • What do I do when my child / teenager is so upset?
  • Why won’t my child take my advice when I’m just trying to help?
  • How can I stop the whining and manipulation?
  • How do I create a family where we listen and talk with each other instead of yelling so much?

These are important questions and I have helpful answers!

The goal of my presentation is to shift your view of a situation so you can see new alternatives and positive solutions. This renewed feeling of hope and confidence will enable you to take my information and apply it to your special family situation.Below are examples of one time presentation topics that schools and businesses have enjoyed. I develop my own talks so I can tailor the presentation to fit your needs. I speak to parents of children aged 3 to 30.

Please contact me to see how I can help your organization.

Organizations impacted by Cynthia include:

  • Morrissey-Compton Educational Center
  • Parents Place
  • Stanford University’s Work/Life Program
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula
  • School Districts from Millbrae to Mountain View
  • Children’s Health Council
  • Child Care Coordinating Council
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Las Madres
  • Hewlett-Packard

Contact Cynthia for her complete list of schools who have benefited from her expertise.


Presentation Topics that Get Results Parents Want

Getting Kids to Talk to You
You want your kids to share their struggles with you, so, why aren’t they? In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn what you are saying that is creating a wall around your child. Then, you’ll learn the “magic” words that will melt the wall and build trust and openness so you can discuss your child’s challenges together. You won’t want to miss Cynthia’s eye-opening wisdom.

Stop Struggling – Learn How to Turn Conflict Into Cooperation
This presentation, based on Cynthia Klein’s book, Ally Parenting, will reveal why you are struggling. Then, show you the step-by- step process so you will pick the most effective parenting strategy for each parent-child conflict. Once you have the right solution, then voila! You’ll know exactly what to do and improved cooperation is only a few actions away.

Win Your Kids Over Without Punishments or Rewards
Win your children’s cooperation through learning effective discipline strategies. Discover how to perfect the art of setting and enforcing rules and expectations without the need for punishments or rewards. You will be teaching your children how to become self-reliant and respectful.

Stop Arguing and Win Cooperation With Your Kids!
Learn how to direct your kids to do “undesirable tasks” without getting into an argument. It’s simple when you set the stage for success with your new cooperation creating actions and words.

Emotional Intelligence: The Foundation for a Problem-Solving Family
Learn how to effectively respond to emotions so you can keep communication open with your kids. Then, you will be able to problem solve together so you can create greater family cooperation and harmony. This presentation will teach you the Three Step Problem-Solving Process.

Get Unstuck with the Right Parenting Solutions
Find parenting solutions that fit your family. In this workshop, you will learn whether to be a director, collaborator, or supporter in order to get your family back on track. Effective strategies for each parenting role will be shared.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen to Your Great Advice
Learn the few simple changes in your language that will make a world of difference in your ability to communicate with your children. Too often kids put up walls or barriers that shut us out. If you ever said, “I’m just trying to help”, or “I wish my kids would talk to me more”, then join in to learn how to turn silence into loving conversations with your kids.

Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Personal Power
Explore ways to build your children’s self-esteem through parenting actions that empower. Develop beliefs and actions that positively impact your children’s inner strength, courage and ability to successfully handle life’s challenges.

How to Develop Resilient and Resourceful Children
Create a happy family that solves problems together. Discover how to talk with your kids about homework and other important issues. Learn the 3 Step Problem Solving Process so you can teach your children how to handle frustration, set important goals and solve their problems with clarity.

Turn Craziness into Calmness – Avert Power Struggles
Discover how to defuse your intensity so you can turn a potentially crazy time into a calm time. Learn from brain research the keys and solutions to your emotional turmoil. Take control of yourself so you can create the cooperative and harmonious family you desire.

Understand and Handle Emotional Moments with Confidence
Stop the whining. Learn how to view challenging emotional behaviors as a chance to feel close and loving. Discover how you can set firm limits and then listen with empathy without feeling manipulated. With this new approach, you can help your children through their difficult feelings. You will turn times of conflict into times of connection, closeness and cooperation.

Effective and Joyful Discipline with the Strong-Willed Child
Learn how to break the common cycle of power struggles with the strong-willed child. Develop a parenting approach that builds cooperation with these intelligent children. You can bring out the best in yourself and your challenging children.

Mothers and Daughters – Keeping the Closeness
Learn why the treasured relationship of mothers and daughters is also the most challenging. Explore how to keep the doors of communication open so your daughter allows you to support and influence her as she makes important life choices.